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“The clear leader in the field of coaching and mentoring’’

Andy Moss, Former Regimental Sergeant Major of the Army Recruiting and Initial Training Command Staff Leadership School (ASLS)


What we do


Made to Measure Mentoring Ltd. is a specialist education provider delivering a range of courses within the training, coaching and mentoring environment.


We deliver and develop executive, sports and workplace training and mentoring solutions enabled by coaching cultures and architectures of engagement and participation.


Through these programmes, our objectives are to help create learning organisations and to enhance the productivity of the individuals within them.

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Credible, qualified and accredited.

Chairman of Army Coaching

Latest News

NATO programme highlights M2M2 sector leadership

March 2nd, 2021|

Made to Measure Mentoring Limited (M2M2) has showcased its pioneering work with NATO in a presentation at one of the UK’s leading graduate education conferences that confirms the company’s place at the forefront of innovation in the sector.

Speaking at the UK Council for Graduate Education’s 7th International Conference on Professional & Practice-Based Doctorates, M2M2’s Managing Director (Academic) Dr Andy Miles and Academic Lead, Andy Borrie, described the challenges of establishing NATO’s International Professional Development Programme (NIPDP), and the benefits it is delivering.

The programme, now in its second year, includes 39 doctoral candidates across two cohorts, embracing nine nationalities drawn from the Alliance’s 30 member states. M2M2 has provided programme development, project management and pastoral mentoring for the entire NIPDP. The first cohort is following Cardiff Metropolitan University’s DProf, and the second cohort is enrolled in an innovative two-phase pathway with six bespoke advanced skill modules and a range of doctoral options from a panel of universities, all developed and integrated by M2M2.

Andy Miles said the benefits to candidates include strengthening their abilities to debate, read and think critically and reflectively, which is reducing NATO’s reliance on external contractors. It is also providing a safe zone for growing thinking, enabling the Alliance to harness the thought leadership of its professional workforce.

Andy also highlighted the growing trend for in-house doctoral programmes demonstrated by other conference speakers. He said: ‘It is very exciting to be in the company of doctoral programmes run by organisations such as pharmaceutical companies and NHS Trusts in partnership with universities. In designing NATO’s programme, we believe we took it a step further by ‘detaching’ it from any single university.

‘Through our panel of universities, we are already able to offer different types of level 8 DProf qualifications tailored to the professional and educational needs of individual candidates. In future, we will work in partnership with flexible universities to explore innovative models of in-house doctorates in a variety of formats that challenge the traditional ‘thesis’ approach.’

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About Us

Made to Measure Mentoring was founded by Tony Robinson and Dr Andy Miles with a specific view to providing tutoring and mentoring solutions to the British Armed Forces. The company led the development of the 3RMP’s Project Mentor, the Command and Staff Trainer (CAST) and Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (CATT) schemes before winning the 3-year, £4.6 million Army Trainer Capability contract in partnership with CDS Defence Support.


Tony Robinson
Managing Director, Commercial

Tony has over 30 years’ experience in mentoring, coach education, teaching and business and, after 10 years in coach and player development with the RFU, left in 2016 to develop his own mentoring businesses. Since then he has worked at senior levels in organisations including the British Army, the International Olympic Committee and the RFU. In addition to being an ILM Level 7 accredited mentor trainer, he is also a World Academy of Sport Master Trainer and a World Rugby Master Trainer for Coaches & Match Officials.

Dr Andy Miles
Managing Director, Academic

Andy also has over 30 years’ experience in sports education, curriculum development and academic management. He has been Principal Lecturer and a Programme Leader at Cardiff Metropolitan University’s School of Sport since 2000 and led a project to set up the FIFA endorsed Cardiff Sport and Exercise Medicine Centre. He has been running his own businesses offering tutoring, assessing, coaching and mentoring programmes and qualifications since 2014, is an ILM Level 7 trainer, and holds a Doctorate of Philosophy from Liverpool John Moores University.

Leading coach and mentor educators

In addition to Tony and Andy’s unrivalled expertise in the commercial and academic development of tutoring and mentoring programmes, the company draws on the delivery capabilities of some of the UK’s most experienced and best qualified mentor educators supported by specialist capabilities in communications and employee engagement. This means we are able to offer individual or group one to one mentoring interventions, as well as bespoke programmes to achieve specific mentoring, learning and engagement objectives.


Qualifications available

The qualifications which our courses lead to include Institute of Leadership & Management courses in Coaching & Mentoring (levels 3-7) plus the City & Guilds awards in Education & Training (levels 3-5), plus a broad range of associated assessing, coaching and mentoring qualifications.

We also design and deliver CPD workshops.


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