Made to Measure Mentoring Limited (M2M2) has showcased its pioneering work with NATO in a presentation at one of the UK’s leading graduate education conferences that confirms the company’s place at the forefront of innovation in the sector.

Speaking at the UK Council for Graduate Education’s 7th International Conference on Professional & Practice-Based Doctorates, M2M2’s Managing Director (Academic) Dr Andy Miles and Academic Lead, Andy Borrie, described the challenges of establishing NATO’s International Professional Development Programme (NIPDP), and the benefits it is delivering.

The programme, now in its second year, includes 39 doctoral candidates across two cohorts, embracing nine nationalities drawn from the Alliance’s 30 member states. M2M2 has provided programme development, project management and pastoral mentoring for the entire NIPDP. The first cohort is following Cardiff Metropolitan University’s DProf, and the second cohort is enrolled in an innovative two-phase pathway with six bespoke advanced skill modules and a range of doctoral options from a panel of universities, all developed and integrated by M2M2.

Andy Miles said the benefits to candidates include strengthening their abilities to debate, read and think critically and reflectively, which is reducing NATO’s reliance on external contractors. It is also providing a safe zone for growing thinking, enabling the Alliance to harness the thought leadership of its professional workforce.

Andy also highlighted the growing trend for in-house doctoral programmes demonstrated by other conference speakers. He said: ‘It is very exciting to be in the company of doctoral programmes run by organisations such as pharmaceutical companies and NHS Trusts in partnership with universities. In designing NATO’s programme, we believe we took it a step further by ‘detaching’ it from any single university.

‘Through our panel of universities, we are already able to offer different types of level 8 DProf qualifications tailored to the professional and educational needs of individual candidates. In future, we will work in partnership with flexible universities to explore innovative models of in-house doctorates in a variety of formats that challenge the traditional ‘thesis’ approach.’

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