Made to Measure Mentoring (M2M2) is providing specialist training courses to Strategic Allied Command Transformation (ACT), at NATO’s Warfare Development Headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

The three-day course in Research Skills will support NATO’s transformational change programme by giving key staff the ability to use research evidence effectively. The course has the potential to be run several times a year and explores the key principles and essentials of research. These include designing reliable, valid, trustworthy and ethical projects, the roles of qualitative and quantitative research, and how best to report findings for different audiences.

M2M2’s Managing Director, Academic, Dr Andy Miles said: ‘A key aspect of the effective development of people and organisations is the ability to integrate meaningful evidence into every day practice. This specialist course has been designed by the M2M2 academic team to introduce and develop the fundamental skills required by effective researchers to conduct meaningful research at NATO.’