To equip candidates with the required knowledge, skills and understanding to coach or mentor leaders or managers at executive or senior level. M2M2 will ensure that candidates are able to apply the knowledge and skills within both the civilian and military contexts. 

Level 7 equates to a Degree / Master’s Degree level on the vocational framework. The terms ‘Executive’ and ‘Senior’ denote the Level of role(s) undertaken rather than the specific job title of ‘Executive’ or ‘Senior’ person. This means people within the organisation who hold responsibilities which may include resources, people, strategy or operations. 

Benefits for the organisation
  • Provide a critical review for the organisation of the strategic purpose of coaching and mentoring

  • Determine factors which can impact on the effective integration of coaching or mentoring within an organisation

  • Produce a strategic report for the organisation on the benefit of coaching and mentoring and the return on investment

  • Develop a guidance document for the organisation on how coaching and mentoring may be implemented.

Benefits for the individual
  • Understand the strategic purposes of coaching and mentoring at an executive or senior level
  • Analyse the knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary for effective coaching or mentoring
  • Plan, deliver and review own effective coaching or mentoring at an executive or senior level
  • Develop reflective learning skills for own professional practice
  • Be able to plan own future professional development as a coach or mentor operating at an executive or senior level.
Specific Study Units – Candidates will undertake three key areas of study
  • Understanding the Principles and Practice of Effective Coaching and Mentoring at an Executive or Senior Level
  • Undertaking Coaching or Mentoring at an Executive or Senior Level
  • Reflecting on Your Ability to Perform Effectively as a Coach or Mentor at an Executive or Senior Level
Programme Delivery and Duration
  • The pre-course work, the five-day taught course and the follow-up tutorials will account for approximately 50 hours
  • Personal study, assignment work, practical coaching & reflection will need to be factored into the student’s working life, however this may be significantly longer than for the Level 5 certificate
  • It is normal for learners to take 12-24 months to complete the programme. You have a maximum of 3 years to complete.
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