Made to Measure Mentoring (M2M2®) has finalised the launch of its European subsidiary, Made to Measure Mentoring Unip. Lda, based in Portugal and managed locally by M2M2 director, Duncan Sibbald.

M2M2 Chairman Peter Robinson said that the new subsidiary would provide continuity of trading arrangements with existing clients and partners, as well as the potential to develop new opportunities. He said: ‘Our rapid international growth over the past financial year demands the lowest possible friction in trading around the world, and M2M2 LDA provides full access to the EU market. Alongside this European subsidiary, which Duncan will lead in Portugal, we are also actively reviewing how to extend our reach internationally, especially in the USA.’

Made to Measure Mentoring Unip. Lda
Urbanização da Tavagueira
(Post 502T)
8200-425 ABF