Earn Your Stripes, Neil Fachie MBE, Rethink Press, 2020

Reviewed by Simon Winman

The book combines Neil’s athletic journey from sprinter to multiple World and Paralympic track cycling champion with his new career as a life coach. While the latter isn’t described in detail, the tactics and processes he uses are.

He identifies his ‘Five Stripe’ journey to success with the aim of ‘earning your stripes’ and describes how it helped him to the multiple cycling titles. Each ‘stripe’ is a chapter and is broken down further into sub-sections.

The beginning of the journey – Stripes 1 and 2 – contains the most information in terms of working models. 3, 4 and 5 focus more on high performance environments and mental acuity. All chapters relate the theory to his performance, mental state and experiences, both positive and negative.

There are times when the book seems to struggle between being an autobiography and a personal development plan, leaving the models, tactics and processes a little light at times, but it remains an engaging read.

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